Niyati Bansal
Assistant Vice President
Corporate - Information Technology

New York

From my first day in June 2014 until now, each day has been a new experience at Jefferies. Even though my functional title is a Business Analyst, I’ve had the opportunity to wear multiple hats and played the role of a Project Manager, Product Manager and Data Analyst at various stages of my career. I started as an Associate in a rotational program and got the opportunity to work with multiple teams globally, which helped me not only develop new skills but also learn the various functions of each division and how they contribute and drive revenue for our clients.

As a Business Analyst working in Operations, Risk, Compliance and now the CRM and Analytics division, I have had the platform to collaborate with back office, middle office and front office teams. It has provided a strong foundation of the working mechanisms of each group and how they integrate with one another to provide seamless support to our business partners. One of the best aspects of working at Jefferies is that if you give it your all, you will be appreciated and recognized by your team. I experienced this when I was promoted to an Assistant Vice President, which increased my motivation to continue to perform and drive success in all our projects.

My management team has always encouraged me to share new ideas and new techniques. They have provided the exposure to work with several business and technology groups globally, which has honed  my technical skills and my business relationships. Each day is a new challenge and we work together as a team to problem solve and devise tactical and strategic solutions to benefit our clients and business partners.

The work environment at Jefferies is motivating, challenging and stimulating, which is why I am excited  to be a part of this firm.