John Erwin
Managing Director
Investment Banking - Financial Institutions

Since joining the Market Structure & Technology Investment Banking Group at Jefferies two years ago, I have worked on a number of interesting and innovative transactions, including being a part of the transaction team that provided $300 million of emergency capital in 36 hours in partnership with Leucadia to a global foreign exchange markets player who suffered a $240 million loss due to an unexpected movement in the Swiss Franc.  Jefferies’ CEO, Executive Chairman and my team from investment banking spent an all-nighter with the client, lawyers, and regulators to deliver a timely and crucial emergency capital raise for the client, ultimately saving the company from insolvency.  Very few other firms – either because of the timeframe in which the transaction had to be completed or because of regulatory constraints – could have executed this innovative capital raise for the client.  It was extremely personally rewarding to see how the firm can act in a highly efficient and coordinating way to deliver the best solution for its clients.

I routinely work on transactions within the broader financial technology space where we win advisory assignments with a capital raising component because we have both deep industry expertise in our space as well as the ability to finance potential acquisitions. 

I started my investment banking career at a larger firm and joined Jefferies because I believe it is the best environment for me to develop as a senior banker and serve our clients.  I am afforded the flexibility to act as an entrepreneur, but benefit from the relationships, expert partners and resources of a larger firm to maximize effectiveness with clients.  Colleagues from different parts of the bank are exceptionally approachable and enthusiastic about working together on transaction opportunities.  Jefferies’ agility, responsiveness and connectivity across the firm – as well as with our parent Leucadia – and unique position on Wall Street as the largest non-bank investment bank enables our team to deliver tangibly differentiated solutions to our clients.